Wednesday, January 06, 2010

An alarming start to my day~

For several years I have struggled to identify sounds that I'm hearing.  My anxiety level rises dramatically until we have established what it is I'm hearing.  Jim is quite used to "What's that?  What's that?"  Once my mind is satisfied what the sound is, I can relax again.

Once a month our apartment has a fire alarm testing.  We are notified when it is going to occur.  When the alarm starts, you can actually push a button to silence the alarm in your unit, and then you only hear the loud 'honking' in the hallway.  

This morning when the alarm started, my heart started pounding as my brain tried to determine what the noise was.  By the time I had realized it wasn't a new ring on the phone, and got over to the wall to turn off the inside alarm, the damage had been done!  The anxiety level had sky rocketed, and half an hour later I'm still trying to get myself calmed down.

Next month, I plan to have my headphones on well before the alarm is set to go off....and I should breeze through it just fine!


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mersilkee said...

We've met on the FTD forum. I'm Mermaid. Besides the blogspot blog which I used to connect to your site, I have a more active blog which is I hope you will stop by and visit me sometime. I'm not for sure but I think you came to chat once over at the FTD forum. We are going to be changing the chat time to daytime 2:00 p.m. central. I hope you can come join us sometime. Fire alarms bother me also.
Take care,