Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stress Test

I've just finished the two day stress test.  It was quite a different type of testing....I could eat breakfast, but then fast until 1pm, when I went to the hospital, and they injected a dye into my arm.  Then I could go eat lunch, and return after an hour.  A machine then took twenty minutes to circle my chest, taking sixteen pictures.  Today was the same, except first they injected a drug that made my heart think it was running on a treadmill.  Then they injected the dye, we went and ate lunch, and came back for another sixteen pictures.  Now we wait to hear from our doctor to see if there is any problems.  I guess the worst part of the two days was no coffee at all.  (Poor Jim!)

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Joseph Potocny said...

My friends, luck with the test. I underwent the same thing, they found out what everyone had been telling me for years, I have no heart. Hope all is well.

God Bless,