Saturday, May 08, 2010

We went to Kingston Hospital on Thursday for my pulmonary testing and then the appointment at the COPD clinic.  The good news is I passed all the breathing tests with flying colors.  She said there is no indication of  the emphysema I was diagnosed with last August.  She has sent me home with a test kit to test my breathing 3 times a day, just to make sure there are no other issues we should be addressing.  So that is very good news.  Now...the not so good news....they of course took my height and weight.  I've shrunk, in height only!!!  5'3" instead of 5'6".  This can be easily remedied though.  We have this fantastic inversion table, and I'll be hopping on that several times a day to "uncrunch" my vertebrae.  Now the 15 pounds I've gained since I quit smoking is going to be a little more difficult to tackle!  I'll have to increase my number of walks a day and tape my mouth shut between meals I guess!  Did someone say "No more Chinese Buffets?"  ....naw!!!

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Anonymous said...

Good news and I'm so pleased for you!
I have lost height too ~ contradicted the measurer .... Lol!
No inversion table and no chance of dieting I'm afraid ..... love food too much!
Cannot bear the thought of no more Chinese Buffet!
Hugs freda