Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Great Day

Our trip to Peterborough to attend the Alzheimers Society meeting went well.  We were early enough to first visit the graveyard where Jim's father and aunts and uncles are buried.  The meeting was held in a very luxurious retirement home called Canterbury Gardens.  I doubt any of us could afford to retire there! They had a buffet supper consisting of various sandwiches, cheese platter, veggie platter and desert tray.  Jim and I managed to find lots of food to eat without straying from our diets.  We picked sandwiches that just had meat, so we ate the meat and wrapped the bread in a napkin to dispose of later.  I had picked a quiet spot to sit and eat so I don't think anyone saw me stuffing bread in my purse!  The organizers thoughtfully had my speech at the beginning of the meeting, so when I finished speaking, I accepted a lovely gift basket and we were on our way home again.  Jim says I was 100% again, and everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy what I had to say.  Hopefully some folks there got a few tips they can use to make life easier.  Now its back to hauling wood and screwing screws!


Anonymous said...

Well done Mary and thankyou!
(Did I see something on Youtube about this couple smuggling bread away in their hankies.......???? Only kidding!!!!
It may have made an interesting sight tho'!!!!)
Hugs Freda

Anonymous said...

Congrats on a job well done. Just the name of that retirement center sounds expensive. Glad you had a great day and enjoy the work you are doing for your new home...sounds lovely. Take care, both of you and hugs.


karen said...

Congrats!!! So glad it went well. I don't eat much bread about a slice a day. But I do love it.